2024 Club Tournament Rules

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2024 Northerns Inc. Club Rules

  1. Northerns Inc. is a FUN fishing club for those who like to fish for northern pike.  It is expected that we all act in a respectable manner toward fellow fisher people and the public.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification and loss of any money or points for that tournament.
  2. Club tournaments are based on a two (2)-person team.  Entry fee is $20.00 per person ($40 per team).  Once per year, each member may fish with a guest fisherperson for the $20.00 entry fee. NO team can have two (2) guests fishing a tournament.  One team member must be in the boat at each tournament.
  3.  The starting time is 7:30 am with a grace period of one (1) hour (However, the team staring late must check in with another team on the lake).  Check in will be by 7:15 am.  Those checking in late will be penalized 10% of their total weight. Ending time is 3:30 pm sharp.  Arrival at weigh-in after 3:30 pm results in disqualification. If you have boat trouble or an incident on the way in, you may call a club director prior to 3:30 pm and you can avoid disqualification if it is a legit reason.
  4. Members in good standing with any Northern Inc. Chapter can fish club tournaments.  Each tournament team MUST fish a minimum of one club tournament prior to the annual “Classic Tournament” to qualify fishing the “Classic.”  Those team(s) who do not qualify to fish the “Classic” will, however, be able to fish the club tournament on the day of the “Classic.”
  5. We will be doing Catch, Photo, & Release this year.
    1. Club rulers will be handed out before each tournament
    2. 3 biggest fish in length
    3. Have pictures ready
    4. Club will only look at 3 photos per boat
    5. Fish will be measured in 1/4″ increments
    6. Picture taking:
      1. Hold fish belly (Person holding the fish)
      2. Head on the left side
      3. If your belly is too big, then have your partner take the picture
      4. Picture must clearly show nose (Mouth closed in its place) to ruler and see the tail
      5. Swing or pinch tail
      6. All fish must be released after taking photo.
  6. Club tournaments have no bait restrictions.  All contestants must comply with State Laws.
  7. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three (3) teams at each tournament and the smallest 3 fish stringer.  Points will be awarded for each tournament to be accumulated for year-end awards.  A 20 point scale is used with 1st place getting 20 points, 2nd getting 19 points, 3rd getting 18, etc. Largest fish (Lunker) for the year will receive an award.
  8. A tie in points at the end of the year will be decided by total Length for the year.
  9. In club tournaments, in case of a tie in Length, points will be awarded to the team with the largest fish in Length.  If still tied, then the team with the most fish.  If still tied, a flip of the coin will decide the results.
  10. There may be live well checks prior to each tournament.
  11. The club tournament schedule consists of eight (8) tournaments.  Year-end standings will be the total of team points from their six (6) best tournaments.
  12. Any infractions of the above rules shall be immediately reported to the Tournament Director.

 Classic Tournament Rules

  1. Each team must fish at least one Northerns Inc club tournament prior to qualifying for fishing in the “Classic Tournament.” This does not mean a new team cannot participate in the regular club tournament.
  2. The Classic tournament in 2023 will be a two day tournament.  The winning team will be determined by the total length of the teams’ fish for the two days.
  3. Photo in will be at the Kilworry Resort.
  4. Fourteen (14) boats or less will pay back Three (3) places. (50%, 30%, & 20%)
  5. Fifteen (15) boats or more will pay back Five (5) places. (40%, 30%, 15%, 10 %, & 5%)

The entry fee is $100.00 per team. Each team must pay in full prior to fishing the tournament.  No refunds.